About me

Hello 🙋!
I’m Angelina and I’m 13.
And this is me:


(My best selfie 👆)
I’m blogging already for more than a year, but I started this blog (on WordPress) only some months ago.
I go to 7th grade and I have great friends 🙌.
I like nail arts 💅, especially “ombré”.
I’d like to dye my hair pink.
I like action movies 🎥.
I wear glasses 👓😎.
I can speak (and understand) 6 languages. Those are Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, German and Luxembourgish 😆.
I like maths.
I wear make-up for school 💄.
I’m not really good at sports 🙇.

That’s it.
If you have more questions, write them in the comments 😂.

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