30 d.b.ch. day 10: Things on my bucket list


You know all the things that you wanna do but are too afraid to do that? That’s what bucket lists are made for!

Honestly, I don’t have a bucket list. I simply don’t make one. I prefer to take an opportunity without planning before. But today I’ll show you some things that would be on my bucket list, if I had one.😂

I had actually a similar post last year, on last year’s challenge. (31 day blog challenge, day 29)

7 things on my bucket list (for this year):

  1. Finally understand how to solve tasks from programming Olympics
  2. Learn how to write with a left hand (The one I don’t usually write with)
  3. Read all the Harry Potter books. 4 to go
  4. Go to a scout camp again and not get lost! (Long story)
  5. Write  some more short stories. (Wattpad:
  6. Do a self-portrait. It’s not as easy as I thought before.
  7. Blogmas

So, these would be the things on my bucket list for this year. (If I had one)😅



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