30 d.b.ch. day 6: top five pet peeves

Hello again!😘

Yes, I know it’s not allowed to skip a day of a challenge, but I didn’t want to write them at all. Day 4, I had to tell about my relationship status.(or discuss my personal life😅) Well, first of all, there is nothing to discuss, second, I honestly don’t want to.🙅

Day 5, to describe my day in greatest details, Sunday is not an option. Trust me. But you can check out day  out of blogging challenge 2016 for an example.👉 31 day blog challenge, day 15: timeline of my day

But today’s topic are my pet peeves. Even five of them. So get ready. I’m more than sure you’ll understand me.😂

  1. Chalk, sand, anything under my nails. That’s why they are pretty short. Nothing is more terrible than having something stuck under my nails.😬
  2. Doing the same thing twice just to make sure. Or forgetting something, I wanted to do for a long time. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! 😅
  3. Not having earphones with me. I hate sitting alone in the bus and realise, I’ve forgotten my earphones home! I don’t like to hear strangers’ conversions.😂
  4. When a person interrupts me, when I’m in the middle of telling something.😡
  5. Ads. During. A. TV show. Come on, what can be more annoying than a show stopping in the most interesting moment to show you about some grocery shops?😯

And there you have them, my pet peeves. Do you agree?

Have a nice day,


Yes, I know I didn’t do day 4+5, but I edited the photo a week ago and removing those two ticks will tame a lot of time.😂😅 (I prepared all the photos for the challenge before)



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