30 d.b.ch. day 1: basic info about me

Hey guys!

It’s the first of March! And the first day of the 2017 blogging challenge!🙋 Today, you’ll find oiy some more things about me. Let’s say 20 facts. Here we go!💁

  1. This is how I look
  2. My hair is usually lighter
  3. I like to sing. And I spend a lot of time singing🎤
  4. I want to become an actress and visited  drama lessons before🎭
  5. I’m 14 bit I think that should have come earlier😅
  6. I find we could learn more useful stuff at school, like, self-defense 😉
  7. I believe it’ll be possible once, to recreate sci-fi movies, but without any special effects😯
  8. I like to write creepy stories😈
  9. Most of the Snapchat filters don’t make sense for me (Dog filter for example)😂
  10. During summer, I go roller skating every day🙌
  11. Instagram: Angelina.kysil
  12. Wattpad: AngelinaKysil
  13. I study a lot📚
  14. If there is some very important event for me, I usually try to look my best: pretty nailart, perfect hairstyle, tiny bit of make up…💄😊
  15. I like to create things, or better said recreate, for example something from Pinterest📌
  16. I have a “normal” style, I mean I don’t dress differently than anybody👕👖👟
  17. I mostly listen to pop musik
  18. My origin is Ukraine🇺🇦
  19. Dreaming takes around 60% of my day💭
  20. And the last for today:

I am a “Pretty Little Liars“‘ fan. That was always my favourite TV show

And yeah, that’s it…

The day 1 of 30 d.b.ch. is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and why don’t you subscribe to me here to never miss a post?😇



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