Travel time: destination Lyon, France 🌍

Hello there!
I traveled to Lyon! It was amazing! Well except for the rain😅☔

We stayed at the house of my father’s friend. The week before dad, was telling us that his friend has two sons, one is 10 and the other one, 14. You can imagine my surprise, when we arrived and found out, they were 10 and 4. Ooops..😂😅

 But they were nice. 

The first day when we arrived, it was already late, so we went nearly directly to bed. 😴

The next day, we decided to visit the city. Unfortunately, after going from the boat (they use them like buses,just on the water), the rain started😵. In that moment my umbrella broke.Nooo!☔ Yeah, great. So, hood on, till we came to the Musée Miniature et Cinéma (miniature and movie prop museum) . That was something… From the miniature rooms with all the little details like pencils and napkins to the giant Monsters from movies, everything was there. 😮😍

That’s for the first day. 

The next day, we just went to the city and fortunately it wasn’t raining. The buildings in Lyon are often decorated with paintings that look very realistic, for example:


Cool, right?Try to recordnize what is real and what is painted.😂  There are also some places, from where you can see the landscape.😍😮

That all is visible from one place! I was taking photos from there.:) 

Then we went near the opera. We didn’t plan to go inside, but I’d like to one time.


And actually that’s all. In the afternoon we were sitting in the car, at 10 o’clock PM we were at home and the next morning we got up at 6 to go to school.😂😵


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