Halloween series: DIY Headbands👯🎃

Hello there!

Welcome back to my blog. I’ve made a nearly 3 months break, where I didn’t post anything. Maybe it’s because I had no idea what to write about or because I needed a break.😑 I actually missed blogging, but now I’m back, with a new series of posts. Yay!🙌

So, now it’s the Halloween season and Halloween decorations, costumes, treat recipies, etc. are just everywhere: stores, Instagram, YouTube. Literally everywhere! 🎃 My blog is no exception and today I will show you how to make Cat Ear Headbands.

So, you’ll need:

  • Thin headband(s)
  • Fluffy (~20 cm long)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spiders 

    Let’s get started!:D 

    First, get a headband. A simple, thin headband without any decorations. Then start wrapping it with or. gluing it in the same time. It took for me 5 for one headband. 

    Now, you fold another 2 and fold them as shown on the photo to create the ears.👯

    1. Take 2 wires (~20 cm each)
    2. Fold once
    3. Fold twice
    4. Make an ear shape
    5. Cross
    6. Glue to the band

    (Let dry and correct the ears) 

    And now you’ve got your own DIY cat ear headband!😻 And a very easy Halloween costume😂

    I really hope you like it. Subscribe to my blog to support me.


    PS: I’d be glad to get some tips from you in the comments which will help me make my post better.;)😘


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