Outfits for the summer 👗

Hello guys!

Summer is finally here. I don’t know about the weather in your country, but here it rains nearly everyday 3 times a day for about 5 min at a time. And sometimes it’s hot. Honestly, I hate weather like that. 😭☔

So today I’ll show you x outfits for the summer. (1 for every weather or/and occasion)
I personally prefer bright colors in summer. They reflect more light and it’s not that hot, as if you wore something dark.

So, let’s start with the most important outfit: school outfit.

I don’t know how it’s in your school, but here we have to learn till 15th of July. So, this one is pretty important. And at the beginning of the school year in September.

I think that that is the perfect length of jeans at school. Not too short, but it won’t be hot.

Cool jeans right?

Remember these ones from one my previous posts? If not, go check it out right after you finish reading this post and follow by the way to. 👖
Notice, that for all the outfits I’m using the clothes that I already have.

Now, you’ve come from school and going with your friends to the cinema. 🎥

Alright, next day you go to the cinema. ‘Cause otherwise I would not change my outfit.

My Motto: Confident and cute!😘
I like to try different combos.

What if you decide to go shopping one day? My tip wear something that you can take of easily (to be able to try clothing);).

Be careful and try not to loose your ballerinas.
Q: What about a colder weather☔?

A: Thin sweater and longer jeans 

I love those shoes. 👠 They have a little hidden platform (5-6 cm 😁) and are very comfortable.

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