DIY Angry Birds make-up bucket 🐔

Hello guys,
Did you know the Angry Birds the movie’s came out last week? Isn’t that great?
Today we’ll do a make-up bucket (to put your make-up stuff in).
Remember the bucket I’ve shown you in 31 32 day challenge. If you didn’t go and check it out. (Click here). 
Well, any way let’s start with our today’s DIY.
You’ll need:


1. A bucket (I used an old cocoa jar)
2. White glue (mixed with water) (1/3 glue, 2/3 water)
3. Water (to mix with glue)
4. sandpaper
5. Brushes
6. Paint 🎨
7. (News)Paper
8. Hair dryer (didn’t fit into the photo 😅)
9. Black marker
10. Something to decorate (glitter;))

So, lets get started:
👉Make the edges of your bucket smooth with the sandpaper if needed
👉With your glue mixture stick pieces of (news) paper
!!!! It has to be some thin paper !!!!
And now it should look like this:


(It actually depends on the paper you use)
If you’re to lazy to wait, use a hair dryer to dry it (use the lowest temperature)
👉 Cover I with white paint (this will make your colored more opaque)


👉Draw the face of the bird on you bucket or, to make it easier, on a separate piece of ! thin ! paper


Right now it looks a bit creepy….. 🙈
Doesn’t it?
Well, the next step is pretty obvious:
👉Stick the face to the bucket and start painting
I’ve colored the bucket in blue (’cause Blues are my fave birds)


Then I drew the face (with nail polishes, ’cause I had no paint of those colors)


I know it doesn’t really look like an Angry Birds bird, but I did my best.
As you see my contours are not the straightest, but I’ll hide it in the next step.
👉Contour everything with a thick black marker.


And there you have a bright funny bird.
I’ll store my hair curlers in things in this one. 🐣
Look at the piggy I’ve made before.🐖


It has even a 3D nose 😂.
I put my make up things in there.
I love these buckets.


PS: put in the comments, about what you’d like to see in the future


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