Coloring your hair: What’s the best?

Hello everybody!
I’m really sorry that I didn’t write for ~ 3 weeks, but I really had no time. 😧 I don’t know why.
So, how it’s going?
Ready for today’s post? I don’t care, let’s start! 🙄
I decided to make a little changes on the blog, for example: new topics and soon enough I’ll change the look of my blog. 👉⏰
And now, let’s talk about hair. First of all, some days ago I went to cut my hair 💇. I also wanted to color it in pink-violet ombré, but my mum didn’t let me 😥.
She said: “You may color your hair with everything that will wash out only”.
So, that’s what inspired me to write this post.
So here are the things that we’re going to test

Color pen

I’ll show you the positive and negative sides on all these.

Let’s begin!

My favourite are the extensions.


👉 They are easy to add and to remove,
👉 They don’t dry out your hair
👉 They make your hair look thicker.

👎If you choose the wrong length, it will be visible (but I don’t really care 😂!)

The next one is chalk.
Before I’ve got the extensions, I was using this.

(Sorry, no photo here)

👉 Bright colors
👉 Perfect for ponytails
👎You may not brush it
👎Application: over 10 min

Coloring with color pens


👉 If you have nothing nothing to do on the boring lesson
👉 Looks like real coloring
👎 Careful! It may dry out your hair! 😭
👎 The blue didn’t completely wash out, so that part of my hair was gray till the next wash
👎 It’s impossible to color your whole hair, but honestly who’s got time for that? 😨

So, these were the things that I’ve ever used to color my hair (and what I have at home). Comment below which one you’d use for sure 😂.


PS: sorry that I wasn’t Posting anything for such a long time:(


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