Ripped Jeans DIY for lazy people

Hello guys!

I personally find ripped jeans very cool and sassy. 😋 And I like DIYs sometimes. (Sometimes, ’cause I like to do a really good ones only). 🙂
So let’s get started!
CAUTION!! This DIY may be “a bit” messy (especially if you choose a “lazy” option)😁.
The things you will need are:


👉 Jeans 👖
👉 Scissors ✂
👉 Tweezers
👉 Grater
👉 Chalk/Pencil/Pins
👉 Ruler
👉 Empty waterbottle (piece of plastic)
👉 Little flat (eyebrow) brush
👉 Vacuumecleaner (didn’t fit into the photo)

If some of these things sound strange for you, continue reading!

I’ve already done one side.


This should be the result👆
So, start with choosing a jeans that you’re going to rip. High waisted? White? It’s totally up to you!;) Maybe exercise on some old jeans that you don’t wear anymore before you destroy the jeans that you actually wanna wear. 😅
These ones had some car oil on them that didn’t wash out.
Wear your jeans and measure where you want your rips to be.
Cut horizontally like this:


I drew with a blue marker (that will      wash out!) the approximate shape of the rip first.
Now take your tweezers and start pulling the strings out.
“Lazy” option: grate everything with grater. The result will be the same. But don’t forget to clean up.
I left one strip to try the “lazy” option, and I’ve got the same result.


Now, if you did the previous step with tweezers you’ll have those triangles (in pink).


Take your grater and grate them away. I placed a piece of bottle, ’cause I didn’t want to scratch my leg.
Now you prety done.
The one thing that’s left is to cut those white too long strings and wash your jeans!


And voila!😜
Now you’ve got your pretty DIY ripped jeans.


PS:in the next DIY, you’ll find out how to color your hair


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