Pink Galaxy Nail Art

Hello guys!

I’ll show you how to create this easy, but gorgeous nail art design:


The Pink Galaxy 😍
I find the normal galaxy a bit boring but it goes the same way.
So, here are the things you’ll need:


• Base/Top coat
• White nail polish (I’m taking one opaque for base and one pearl for stamping)
• Some PINK nail polishes (I’m using 3 of them) 😍💅
• Tape (To make everything easier to clear up)
• White glitter/Holo nail polish
• Quick dry top coat
• (Optional) Dotting tool

Let’s get started!
1. Put your fav. Base coat and paint your nails white


Put some tape around your nails to make it easier to clean up

2. Sponge light pink


3. Add dark pink or even lilac polish in the middle of light pink.


Be careful to not to put to much (like I did on the middle finger 😄)

4. Blend it with some white nail polish.

5. Add some stars 🌃
To do that add some White Glitter or Holo nail polish. If you don’t have any, take a Dotting tool or a toothpick and dip into the white polish to make little dots.

6. Add a top coat and you’re done 🙌!

7. Comment with your beautiful fingers which posts would you like to read in the future 😂.

By the way it goes the same way with other colors galaxies you just take, for example, green instead of pink :roll:.



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