31 day blog challenge, day 26

Hello again!

Today it is “MY 5 FAV. BLOGS“. But when i started writing this poet i realised, that i have only 4 fav. blogs 😨! Doesn’t matter. Todays topic is “MY 5 4 FAV. BLOGS“.

Let’s begin:

I’ll put the links to all the blogs so you can find them easily:

  1. www.blogilates.com
  2. goteenwriters.blogspot.com
  3. www.thetalkwithmoi.com/blog
  4. rosannapansino.com

And now why i like them:

Blogilates: You can find out a lot of interesting things about health and fitness +fun workouts on YouTube channel 😄

Goteenwriters: The name talks for it self. A blog that every writer needs 📃

Thetalkwithmoi: 5 teenager from different countries, result a WOW blog 👍
Rosanna pansino: I love baking, and on her YouTube channel you may find a lot of recipes 🍰

Did you like it? What are you fav. blogs?


2 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge, day 26

  1. I’m really glad you are following through with the blog challenge. You only have 5 days, so keep up the great work! And i’m very glad our blog is one of your favorite blogs.


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