31 day blog challenge, day 25


Today I’m writing on the computer. It is better than on the phone, but you can’t paste emojis!!!!! So, I’ll put hashtags: #noemojis

I have already (Easter) vacation!!! XD. Total of 13 days + 3 weekends. #eastervacation #easter

So, todays topic is “MY BEST PHYSICAL FEATURE(S)“. By the way I skipped yesterday. I didn’t like the topic, so I skipped it.

I had to think a bit what my physical features are….. But after five minutes I had an answer:

  • I have beautiful hair and I like to experiment with hairstyles
  • I’m smart
  • I paint my nails a lot ’cause they are not that long and perfect for nail arts (by the way I’m planing to do a nail art tutorial post)
  • I’m tall (165 cm)

That’s it!


And now I cant even put my original post ending!!! AGH!!!





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