31 day blog challenge, day 18+19

Only today, in the morning I realised that yesterday I forgot to write a post 😨. It’s already a second time in this challenge 😱! Fortunately for me there are only 12 days left 🙌!
So, today ill write “2 in 1 post” that means 2 topics in 1: “WHAT AM I Adelaide’s OF? + MY WORST HABITS“.

Let’s start with the 1st one:
I’m afraid of:
1. Spiders and bugs🐛
2. Bad grades 😭
3. Zombies, ghosts, etc. (well, if they existed I would be afraid of them)
4. Ugly hairstyles 🙊

And here is the 2nd:
My worst habits are:
1. I listen to music when I read
2. I wear make-up at school 👯
3. The day before test I paint my nails instead of learning 💅
4. I almost never finish things I’ve started 😅

Well,…. that’s it, the “2 in 1” post. It’s 12 days left, 12 topics and 12 posts will appear here. Don’t forget to read my previous posts and…



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