31 day blog challenge, day 16

Hello, from the other side 💁!!!!
Right now I’m watching “Pretty Little Liars” and writing this post.
Today, I should write about “MY DREAM JOB” .

Actually, I have some dream jobs. It’s always difficult for me to choose only one thing 😵.
For example, I like chocolate and caramel ice cream 🍦 and I hate choosing between them 😭.

So, I will put a little list here 📜:
(The most probability ➡ the less probability)

Let’s start:
1. Engineer 😎
2. Blogger (Well, I am already one 😋)
3. Writer (I’m trying to write 😅)
4. YouTuber
5. Singer 🎤
6. Actress 🎭
7. Model 👠

So, those are my dream jobs. I hope you enjoyed it.


PS: Instagram and Snapchat: katralina.blog 👻


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