31 day blog challenge, day 14

Hello everybody!
Let’s continue the 31 day blog challenge and today it’s “WHAT’S IN MY HANDBAG“.
Actually, I see a lot of videos on YouTube like this.
I don’t really understand, why it’s so interesting to know what’s in there 😮.
Buy, it’s the part of the challenge :D.

So, what’s in my handbag? 👜
1. Books (Well, I’m talking about the bag I use the most) 📚
2. Pencil case 👝
3. Make up things (mascara, lip gloss) 💄
4. Keys (of course)
5. Phone 📱
6. Copybook(s)
7. Bottle of water 🍶
8. Earphones 🎧
9. Umbrella 🌂 (you never know ;))
10. Hairbrush

I wanted to add a photo, but I am to lazy for this today 😇. I’ll post it tomorrow 😆.



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