31 day blog challenge, day 12

Right now I’m so into minions: they are funny, yellow and soooooooo cute!


I love them!
But remember, it’s still a post from the challenge: “IF I WON THE LOTTERY“.
If you read my previous post (💁click here if you didn’t) you know that I already won some Euros in the lotteries 😁. And I spent them on a new mascara 👯.
But I guess, I have to tell what I would do if I won more than only 10€.
I would put that money into my piggy bank and continue collecting for a new laptop 🐖. Or I would buy a new laptop directly , ’cause I think I’d have enough 😂. I also would like to have new earphones or a “Mario paper jam” game. I heard that it’s soooo cool!


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