31 day challenge, day 9

unser heutiges Thema ist “Piercing & tattoos” 😂. That’s the same thing I say in every post just in German. If you didn’t understand anything, here is the translation:
Today’s topic is “PIERCING & TATTOOS” 😂.
I don’t know about piercing, but I’d like to have a tattoo.
I thought about little wings 😇 on the back or something like this:


An inspirational quote on the wrist. I LOVE this idea 😍.
My mom sais, that I can have a tattoo, when I’m 15 at least, well, 🔜 in 2 years.
And I like henna tattoos. I like them ’cause you can wash them out 👍.

What about piercing, I don’t wanna have holes in my body 👎. I have earrings and I guess that’s enough.

Now, you now my opinion about piercing & tattoos.



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