31 day blog challenge day 4

Here is another post from 31 day challenge: “MY EARLIEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY“. Strange, some days ago our French teacher asked us to write exactly the same task 😂 :o. Everybody had to read their story in front of the class. It was so funny 😜.

So, get ready to laugh 😋.

When I was 3,  my mom wanted to have a cat 😺. My dad agreed and we bought one and named it Kasya ( I only know how to write the name in Ukrainian (Кася), but I guess it’s spelled like that in English).
It was a girl by the way. She had a grey fur. I liked (and I still like) bright colors 🌈. And one time I thought: “It should be very boring to be grey the entire life!” 😿. So, I took my paints and started chasing Kasya 🙌.
Remember, I was 3, so, it was very fun (for me at least) 😅. Before she could hide under the sofa in the living, I colored the end of her tail & her left ear pink.
Unfortunately, after that, we discovered, that I’m allergic on cats fur 🙀. My mum had to bring the Kasya to my grandma 😭.

And that was my earliest childhood memory.

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