31 day blog challenge day 3

Today is day 3 of the challenge: “MEANING OF MY BUSINESS NAME“.
I guess, I should explain what “katralina.WordPress” and “😘J4F” mean.
So, let’s begin:
“katralina” is actually a name “Katharina” with a lot of changes. I wanted to create a name for my first blog without any numbers. I don’t really like usernames with numbers. And I’ve chosen Katharina, because I like this name 😜.
At first J4F was Just 4 Fun, but I was to lazy to write Just 4 Fun every time so I shortened it 😆. And there is always “😘”, ’cause it’s my favourite emoji. And because I like hearts 💞.

I’m so exited for tomorrow’s post. I promise, it will be really fun 😂.


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