31 day blog challenge, day 2

Hello guys,
I’m back with another post from “31 day blog challenge“.
Today, it’s day 2, a “20 FACTS ABOUT ME” – day 😆.
So, let’s begin:
1. I’m 13
2. B-day: 7.12.02
3. I like action movies
4. I’m very good at maths
5. I 💞 PIZZA!!!! 🍕
6. I like rainbow hair 🌈
7. I like to read books
8. I watch more YouTube videos than TV 📺
9. Snatchat: katralina.blog 👻
10. I have a little sister (7 years) 😒
11. The first song that I heard on YouTube was “I love you like I love song” from Selena Gomez
12. I like Neon color
13. I can’t straighten my hair: it is always curly at the end 😄
14. I have blue eyes with some yellow in the middle 👀
15. I draw in my copybooks if I’m bored
16. I can speak 6 languages: English, i, Russian, German, French and Luxembourgish
17. I like to style my hair 💇
18. I believe in aliens 👽
19. I’d like to wear high heels every day 👠
20. I wear glasses 👓😎

So, that’s it for now, I hope you like it.


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