How to learn things RIGHT 📚

Hello 😎
and welcome back.
Today, you’ll find out how to learn things right before an exam for example.
I’ve made a little research and collected the best tips that I’ve found and that I personally use 😋.

Here is the example how NOT to learn 😱:
1) everything the night before the exam 😨
2) for 2 hours without any breaks 🙀
3) watching TV at the same time 😮

I cannot even imagine how people manage to remember something that way! (You should be genius to manage that)

Very important things that you should do:

1) Every 20 min make a little break for stretching 👍
2) Every evening, reread stuff that wasn’t tested yet (not everything at the same one, of course 😄)
3) Listen attentively at the lesson, or at least as attentive as you can 😁 and take notes.
4) Walking, chewing gum, or any other movement will help! And it won’t be so boring 😂

5) Always, try to get as much sleep as possible 😴 (8 hours at least)


1) Listen to music: create a “Learning playlist” on YouTube and listen to it while you do your homework 🎶
2) Make flashcards or vocabulary lists 📄

So, that’s actually it.
I hope these tips help you as much as they help me.
Write in the comments other tips that might be useful and follow me if you aren’t following yet ;).



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