4 styles of clothes for school 👗

Hello guys,
In this post I’ll show you .. ideas of outfits for school. I know this feeling when you wake up and you have no idea what wear 😨. I have this problem nearly every day. The first thought that I get evey morning is “What should I wear today?”:o

You know, I’ve decided to write this post, when I’ve accidentally discovered emoji – keyboard on my phone 🙌. Earlier (for about 4 months) I had to use an app to paste emojis.

TIP: take the first jeans and T-shirt that you see. I do this nearly every day:D. 

So, the first outfit is a normal casual outfit, that you can wear every day: 👖+👕+👟=


Or like this: (jeggins with a long sweater)


This one is my favourite 💗:


Don’t forget about accessories! … and make-up. 💄

For accessories, I usually wear a headband with rings and/or earrings + glasses 👓.


For make-up (I don’t even know if I should call it make-up) I use mascara and lip gloss. I used sometimes  eyeliner but I don’t really like that 👱.

Write in the comments how does your every day make up looks like 💄.

And that’s it for now.



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