My hobbies, interests and more

Hello guys,
So, this week I’ll tell you more about me, especially about what I like to do in my free time. I’ll also add some photos.
In my previous post I told you that I like Maths, sketching, blogging and nailarting 💅.
By the way there is something that I wanted to share with you: last week I went to the OMB (Olympiade Mathématiques Belge) and I’ve got 104 points (the best could be 150) and it’s the 3rd place in the whole country 🙌. I wonder who are those kind on the 1st and 2nd place 😮.
For this great occasion I’ve made a special nailart :). By the way is it nailart or nail art (write in the comments).
I like when all the nails have different designs. Like this:


My favorite is on the thumb 😆.

I always watch nailart tutorials on YouTube.
By the way, year ago (when I started blogging) I wanted to be a YouTuber, instead of blogger, but my mum said it would take to much time 😵. Well, I don’t say it often but I think she was right: 1 post takes ~2 – 3 hours, 1 video would take more. Actually for me that’s OK👍.
And here is my last hobby: Drawing.
Here are some of my best and favorite:


My first design👆
My favorite 👇


So, that’s all for now, follow me for more posts.




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